PM Modi shares tune made from UPI transaction data

PM Modi shares tune made from UPI transaction data

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised a data sonification-created tune that represents the volume of UPI transactions. India in Pixel (IIP) has shared this tune on Twitter. It includes information on UPI transactions from October 2016 to March 2020. The Prime Minister described the song as “interesting, impressive, and informative,” and he shared it on Twitter. The process of converting data into a tune is known as data sonification.

‘I have often talked about UPI and digital payments,’ the PM wrote, referring to UPI. To effectively make your point about the growing trend of UPI transactions, you used data sonification. It was fantastic. It’s fascinating, impressive, and unmistakably informative. In response to the Prime Minister’s message, India in Pixel stated that UPI is indeed a revolution that the world is taking notice of.

In the country, UPI is rapidly expanding.

UPI has aided the country’s cashless economy by making digital transactions simple. As a result, UPI’s value share of retail digital payments has more than doubled in the last four years. According to NCPI data, transactions worth Rs 9,60,581.66 crore were processed through UPI in March 2022, compared to Rs 5,04,886.44 crore processed through UPI in March 2021.

In four years, UPI transactions increased from 38% to 81%.

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