Priyanka Chopra said – Innocent lives are living in this war zone

On Thursday, the dispute between Russia and Ukraine devolved into a war. In addition, Bollywood celebrities are using social media to express their feelings about the fight. Priyanka Chopra captioned a video of a Ukrainian railway station, “These are very scary scenes.” He has also requested that he assist the people in the area via social media.

Ukraine scenes are terrifying: Priyanka Chopra

The scenes coming out of Ukraine are very scary, Priyanka wrote on her social media after posting the video. Innocent people are terrified for the safety of their loved ones and their own lives. One thing is unclear: how the situation in the modern world can deteriorate to the point of war. Its outcome will be felt around the world. In this war zone, innocent lives are being lost. They are exactly like you and me.

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