Putin’s open threat to US-NATO

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has finally declared war on Ukraine. On Thursday morning, Vladimir Putin made a statement on Russian television. He stated that we are launching a special military operation in Ukraine to demilitarise the country. Our goal isn’t to take over the entire country of Ukraine. Putin also made threats to the United States and NATO without naming names. Those who interfere with our operation, he said, will suffer the consequences.

According to CNN, many explosions were heard near Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, only after Putin’s statement. Aside from that, there have been reports of explosions in the rebel-controlled area.

The three most important points from Putin’s statement

  1. The Ukrainian army surrenders its weapons.

In a statement broadcast on television, Putin said, “We appeal to the Ukrainian military to lay down their weapons.” Ukraine’s army has threatened Russia, and all of this is taking place at the request of Neo-Nazis. We are only taking this step at the request of separatist areas in eastern Ukraine that formed in 2014 and asked for our assistance.

  1. Our goal is to safeguard the rebels who are facing genocide.

Since the last eight years, our motto has been to protect those who have been victims of torture and genocide. Demilitarization will be implemented in Ukraine as a result of this. We will bring those who have committed heinous crimes against the public to justice. People from the Russian Federation are also included.

  1. If you interfered with and intimidated our people, you will face consequences.

If anyone tries to interfer with the relationship between Ukraine and Russia, or tries to intimidate our people or our country, let them know that Russia will respond immediately, and they will face unimaginable consequences. We are prepared for any situation.

Ukraine’s response is that it will defend itself and win.
Shortly after the attack, Ukraine issued a statement. ‘We will defend ourselves and win the war,’ Foreign Minister Dimetro Kuleba said. Putin has just launched an attack on Ukraine. The cities of Ukraine that value peace are being attacked. This is because of Russia’s aggressive behaviour, which has resulted in the attack. Putin must be stopped by the rest of the world. Now is the time for the entire world to act.

Humanity will suffer the consequences, according to Biden, and there will be destruction.
US Soon after Putin’s announcement, Vice President Joe Biden slammed the move. Putin’s decision, according to Biden, will have disastrous consequences. The people of Manawata will suffer as a result of this decision, and their lives will be destroyed. The destruction caused by this attack, as well as the number of lives lost, will be solely the responsibility of Russia. At this time, America and its allies are united and will respond decisively to this decision. Russia will be held accountable by the rest of the world.

There have been explosions in a number of cities, including Kiev, Ukraine’s capital.
There have been reports of major explosions in rebel-held areas of Ukraine and the capital Kiev shortly after Putin’s statement. Two explosions have been reported in Kramatosk, according to reports. Russian troops have entered Ukraine through Crimea. On the border, more than two lakh Russian soldiers are stationed. Putin made the announcement during a UN Security Council meeting. This meeting is solely focused on the Russia-Ukraine tensions; a decision to take strong action against Russia can now be made.

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