Rahul claim of the next captain of Team India strong

The 15th edition of the IPL is nearing the end of its run. This season has seen many great captains fall to the ground, while some previously unknown names have risen to the top of the captaincy race. Every captain has positive and negative attributes. The most important factor, however, is whether or not a player can win the team with his performance, even if he is captain. Team India is on the lookout for a captain who is seen leading from the front, not just saying it but doing it as well.

Pant’s captaincy career came to an end before it even started.

After Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant was expected to be the next captain of Team India. Those who claimed that the young player is full of energy and that the country will not have another promising captain for the next ten years. Pant’s captaincy was also a constant demand from Sixer King Yuvraj Singh. But the IPL threw everything into disarray. When the umpire did not award a no-ball in the 20th over against Rajasthan Royals, Rishabh Pant acted like a street cricketer.

Indian cricket was embarrassed in front of the entire world by the way Pant signalled both of his batsmen to leave the game and leave the field. We won’t play if you don’t give out, and we’ll go home with the bat if you don’t give a no-ball. This is a common occurrence in street cricket. If Pant can behave this irresponsibly while captaining Team India in the IPL, how bad can the situation get if he is given the captaincy of Team India?

This is only one perspective on the situation. On the other hand, Pant’s performance has steadily deteriorated under the pressure of captaincy. His bat has only scored 234 runs at a simple average of 33 in nine matches this season. As a result, Delhi only managed to win four games. Pant’s fans in Delhi were confident that by batting brilliantly, he would first lead the team to the playoffs and then stake a strong claim for the captaincy of Team India. But things have changed since then: time has passed, emotions have changed, and circumstances have changed.

Under his captaincy, Shreyas Iyer was unable to cause havoc.

Shreyas Iyer is said to be a determined person who succeeds. Pant was appointed captain after he was unable to captain Delhi due to injury. He played haphazardly for half a season under Pant’s captaincy, while Shreyas believed Delhi was too far away for him. The new Lucknow and Gujarat franchises offered a spot in the team, but they did not believe in the captaincy. Shreyas categorically refused. If you enter the IPL, no matter what you have to give up, you will end up as a captain.

With high hopes, Kolkata went into the auction and purchased Shreyas. However, along with the team’s performance, Shreyas’ own performance fell short of expectations. Above all, his squabble with coach Brendon McCullum remained in the news. When the controversy between captain Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble erupted recently, Indian cricket went through a dark period. What guarantee is there that if Shreyas is named captain, he will not do to McCullum what he is doing to the Indian coach? This same fear of Shreyas could prevent him from becoming India’s next captain.

Shreyas, who has consistently been among the tournament’s top scorers, has scored 324 runs in ten matches at an average of 36 this season. His strike rate has dropped to 133 percent. Despite his 85-run innings, he is unable to complete the match, and the team is forced to lose. During Shreyas’ captaincy, the team’s sense of wholesale is constantly changing, and as a result, the players’ sense of insecurity is palpable. If Shreyas Iyer is chosen as Team India’s captain in the near future, the players’ positions in the team will be in jeopardy at all times.

Hardik Pandya can be seen moving from one floor to the next.

The cricketer, whose career was thought to be coming to an end, is now in the running to be India’s new captain. A player capable of bowling in the power play as well as batting first down. Hardik’s fitness was tested at the NCA by the BCCI prior to the start of the season. According to reports in the media, if he did not pass, he would be barred from playing in the IPL. Gujarat, which had greeted Hardik with high expectations, had them dashed. But Hardik had faith in himself, believing that he, and only he, could succeed.

After winning the first race of the season, Rockstar Pandya did not look back. A captain who is assertive while also appearing to support his players. Who can forget Hardik’s statement, in which he stated that all credit for the team’s success will go to the young players, and that if we fail, all blame will fall on my shoulders. This statement was extremely effective. Because the captain was standing firmly behind me, the players were convinced that our place in the team was safe.

Gujarat played eight matches under Hardik’s captaincy, winning seven of them. Pandya scored 308 runs during this time. He also has four wickets to his name. Hardik has two major issues. To begin with, his fitness continues to frighten fans from time to time. He is sometimes seen giving back massages before a match, and other times he is seen taking a break during a match.

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