Realme GT2: under screen fingerprint scanner will be more than a conventional sensor

From fingerprint scanners on the physical home button and then the fingerprint scanners on the back of the device, and finally side-mounted fingerprint scanners to optical fingerprint scanners that are under-screen and the most recent ultrasonic fingerprint scanners you could think that we’ve attained the top in “fingerprint scanners”. However, Realme insists on a different approach with its new fingerprint scanners that are under the screen in the upcoming Realme GT2 series.Chase Xu Qi on Weibo

The General Vice President of Realme and Chief Executive Officer for Realme China, Mr. Chase Xu Qi, has been to Weibo recently to tell followers the latest developments in fingerprint scanning technology Realme will incorporate in the forthcoming Realme GT2 series.Heart Rate Monitor using Fingerprint Sensor

From the photos posted on Weibo there is an e-commerce Heart Rate Monitor menu page displayed on the screen. The instruction appears to advise users to place their thumbs on the scanner’s fingerprint to gauge your heart’s beat. The heart rate-scanner feature that uses the fingerprint scanner is an original and intriguing concept, but only it’s too early to tell, once the product is released when it is an important feature or an over-the-top novelty.

The announcement about fingerprint scanners was later backed with the help of Digital Chat Station, a famous technology leaker from China and verified on Weibo to confirm that Realme GT2 Pro is indeed not using conventional optical fingerprint scanners. Realme GT2 Pro is indeed not the typical electronic fingerprint scanner.

The leaker also informs us of Realme GT2 Pro will be using Corning Gorilla Victus. Realme GT2 Pro will be equipped with Corning Gorilla Victus for better protection against drops and scratches for customers’ security.

In the meantime the design of the Realme GT2 Pro was revealed officially by the company a few days ago, but leaks of renders from this Realme GT2 Pro from months ago may not be accurate at all, given that the latest leaks show how this Realme GT2 Pro may come in three different versions.

The leaky render of that the Realme GT2 Pro having a large horizontal camera bump protruding from the horizontal might refer to it’s the “Photographer Edition” of the Realme GT2 Pro. It is the “Photographer Edition” is said to come with triple cameras where each camera is enhanced in comparison with the regular edition in order to accommodate professional photographers.

The Realme GT2 series will be revealed officially on January 4, 2022.

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