Reliance Industries to become global leader in blue hydrogen manufacturer

Reliance Industries now aspires to be the world’s largest producer of blue hydrogen. As part of his plan, he stated that he would build a plant worth Rs 30,000 crore to run the world’s largest oil refinery.

Zero carbon emissions as a goal

Reliance said in a statement that it will be the first company to set up a hydrogen eco-system in India with minimal incremental investment until the cost of green hydrogen is reduced. Hydrogen is the most environmentally friendly fuel ever discovered. Depending on the manufacturing process, it can be green, blue, or grey. Reliance Industries has set a goal for its businesses to have zero carbon emissions by 2035, and is currently focusing on increasing blue hydrogen production.

a one-dollar-per-kilogram blue hydrogen target

By the end of this decade, Ambani wants to produce green hydrogen for one dollar per kilogramme, which is 60 percent less than the current price. He announced a $75 billion infrastructure renovation investment last month.

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