Russia banned Facebook: After banning the pages of Russia’s news agency

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a strong stance against Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has been banned in Russia. Russia has already been sanctioned by META. Roskomnadzor, Russia’s censorship agency, has accused Facebook of discriminating against Russian news outlets. The pages of Russia’s RT and RIA news agencies were recently deactivated on Facebook. The Russian government’s censorship agency has announced a ban on Facebook, according to The Kyiv Independent.

Russia is being accused by Facebook.

Facebook has accused Russia of denying millions of people access to reliable information. Russia has banned Twitter in the same way that it has banned Facebook. In Russia, access to Twitter has been restricted. For this, a bill has been signed. A person can be imprisoned for up to 15 years under this law if they spread “false” information about the country’s armed forces.

Many media outlets have been blocked.

On Friday, the BBC, the US government’s Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Deutsche Welle, and the Latvian-based website Meduza were all blocked, along with a social media crackdown. Putin’s position has been made clear by the government’s massive crackdown on foreign news outlets that publish in Russian. Russia has accused domestic audiences of being misinformed about the invasion of Ukraine on numerous occasions.

The Russian parliament enacted strict legislation.

It’s worth noting that Russia’s Parliament passed a tough law against fake news on Friday. Parliament claims that during the war, fake news is being spread against the Russian army. A provision of up to 15 years in prison has been made in this new law passed by Parliament for deliberately spreading fake news against the army.

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