Russia blocks Google News


In the midst of the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, Russia has banned Google News Service from operating in the country for spreading false information about the conflict. Russia’s move is thought to be in response to Google’s decision to shut down its app and YouTube advertising business in Russia.

In fact, Google News has been sanctioned by Russia’s communications regulator. According to a report by Aljazeera, Google’s news aggregator service is being blocked by Alphabet Inc. Google is allegedly spreading false information about Russian military operations in Ukraine, according to the regulator.

Google provided data.

According to Google, some people in Russia are having trouble accessing the Google News app and website, and this is not due to a technical issue on our end. We have worked very hard to bring news to the Russian people.

In Russia, Google has stopped selling all online ads.

Russia’s move follows Google’s recent announcement that it would not assist apps or YouTube channels in selling ads with content that is believed to exploit or condemn the conflict in Ukraine. Google also announced earlier this month that it would no longer sell any online ads in Russia.

In Russia, Google is preparing to shut down its service.

According to some reports, Google was also planning to shut down its service in Russia. Google was firing its employees in Russia, despite the fact that the company did not say so publicly. In one of its reports, Bloomberg stated that Google was concerned that the Russian government might ban it. As a result, he was preparing ahead of time.

Russia has labelled Facebook and Instagram as extremist platforms.

Russia had previously declared Facebook and Instagram to be extremist organisations, and had banned them. Two social media platforms in Russia have been banned for “extremist activity,” according to a Russian court. Meta’s WhatsApp messenger service, on the other hand, was not blocked.

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