Russia-Ukraine tension reaches critical condition

Tensions have risen between Russia and NATO forces. The situation has deteriorated to the point where US President Joe Biden has advised his citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible. Biden told NBC News that a direct battle between the US and Russian militaries could begin at any time.

We are at odds with one of the world’s largest armies, according to Biden. This is a very different situation, and things could quickly deteriorate. Citizens of the United States should leave Ukraine as soon as possible. In response to the question of sending troops to Ukraine, the US President stated that doing so would be the start of a world war.

‘If Russia takes military action against Ukraine, then America will not be able to evacuate its citizens,’ a US State Department adviser warned on Thursday. At the same time, an American think tank has warned that if Russia launches a full-scale war, Russian tanks will be in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, in just 48 hours.

The exercise was started by Russia.

On Thursday, Russia and Belarus began joint exercises. The drill will last until February 20.

In the face of a possible war, Russia has also begun its preparations. On Thursday, Russia began military drills with the Belarusian army. This is the most significant joint military exercise in recent memory. It involves tens of thousands of soldiers, as well as tanks, fighter jets, and S-400 missile defence systems. This exercise will take place in Belarus until February 20. More than 30 thousand Russian soldiers are expected to take part, according to reports.

The United States has sent a second shipment of weapons to Ukraine.

Last night, the US sent a second consignment of weapons to Ukraine, amid the growing threat of war. The US had already sent $ 200 million in security aid to Ukraine prior to this. In light of the tensions in Eastern Europe, the US has deployed 8500 troops on high alert.

The Ukrainian army received the second shipment of American weapons last night. The United States recently delivered the first shipment of a $ 200 million security aid package to Ukraine.

Britain has also delivered cutting-edge missiles.

To deter a possible Russian attack, Britain has handed over a large number of state-of-the-art anti-tank missiles and Anglo-Swedish anti-tank guided missiles to Ukraine. Russia is thought to have been the first to attack the Ukrainian border with tanks.

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