Russia Ukraine Tensions: G7 countries said that diplomatic talks should be held

On Saturday, the G7 foreign ministers released a joint statement on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. “We are deeply concerned about Russia’s threatening military build-up around Ukraine, the illegal occupation of Crimea, and in Belarus,” the joint statement said. “It’s a test of the international order.”

“We will fully comply with Russian international commitments, including choosing the path of diplomacy, reducing tensions, adequately withdrawing military forces from Ukraine’s borders, and reducing the risk of military activity and transparency,” the joint statement added. Any further aggression against Ukraine would be met with “massive consequences,” according to the G-7 foreign ministers.

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States are all members of the G7, as are high-ranking European Union officials. “While we stand ready to seek diplomatic solutions to address legitimate security concerns,” the joint statement said, “Russia should have no doubt that any military offensive against Ukraine will have large-scale consequences, including economic sanctions.” Sanctions will be imposed on a variety of regional and individual targets, as well as financial and economic sanctions that will have a significant and unprecedented impact on Russia’s economy.

“As a first step, we expect Russia to carry out its commitment to reduce its military activities along Ukraine’s borders.” We haven’t seen any proof of this decrease. We expect Russia to take responsibility for its actions, according to the statement. Will use as a criterion.”

According to the foreign ministers, diplomacy should be pursued. “We have taken note of Russia’s recent announcements that it is willing to engage diplomatically.” We look forward to continuing our dialogue on issues of mutual concern, such as European security, risk reduction, transparency, confidence-building, and arms control,” we said.

They reaffirmed their commitment to a peaceful and diplomatic resolution to the crisis, and they urged Russia to engage in dialogue through the US-Russia Strategic Strategic Strategic Dialogue, the NATO-Russia Council, and the European Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE). “We appreciate the renewed OSCE European Security Dialogue initiated by the OSCE President-in-Office, and we look forward to Russia’s constructive participation,” he said of the OSCE European Security Dialogue.

“Reiterating our unwavering commitment to uphold Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within internationally recognised borders and territorial waters,” the ministers said. We reaffirm any sovereign state’s right to determine its own destiny and make security arrangements.” We concur. In the face of continued provocation and destabilisation efforts, we admire Ukraine’s restraint.”

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