Russian Foreign Minister said – no intention to attack Ukraine

For the time being, the threat of war between Ukraine and Russia appears to have passed. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated emphatically on Friday afternoon that Russia has no intention of attacking Ukraine. We don’t want to start a war of any kind. Lavrov, on the other hand, made it clear that Russians have the same right to defend their country as any other country.

Lavrov’s statement came after US Vice President Joe Biden warned Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on Thursday night that if Russia attacked Ukraine, he would pay the price personally. Putin could face personal sanctions, according to the White House.

What is the significance of Lavrov’s statement?

America and its NATO allies had made extensive war preparations. Biden made it clear that any attack on Ukraine by Russia would be considered an attack on NATO, and an appropriate response would be given. Following this, the United Kingdom sent anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, and Canada dispatched one of its regiments.

Russia also realised that if it declared war on Ukraine, the problem would not end there, but would spread to many European countries. America had written to Russia outlining the demands it was willing to accept.

France and Germany are two of the most powerful countries in the world

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone on Thursday night. Macron told him that if Russia did not back down, the world would be in danger of a new war, which would be in no one’s best interests. On the other hand, Germany was increasing its pressure on Russia, fearing that its relations with Russia would be ruined in the event of a war. Apart from that, China is thought to have put pressure on Russia not to attack until after the Winter Olympics.

What threat did Biden make?

In the midst of ongoing Russia-Ukraine tensions, US President Joe Biden has ordered 27 Russian diplomats to leave the country. The Biden administration, in addition to issuing this order from Washington, also rejected Russia’s demand that Ukraine not join NATO. It was a tough stance to take.

Biden had warned Russia that an attack on Ukraine would have dire consequences, saying that if Russia attacked Ukraine, it would block Russia’s $85,000-crore ‘Nord Stream 2’ gas pipeline. Through this pipeline, Russia intends to supply natural gas to Europe.

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