Russian President Vladimir Putin is showing signs of moving towards nuclear war


According to several UK media reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin is showing signs of moving toward nuclear war, according to Telegram channels. This claim is based on Putin’s order for his army to conduct nuclear war drills. In addition, he has relocated his family to Siberia for safety reasons. At the same time, officials in the Kremlin (Russian Presidential Office) were taken aback by the news of the nuclear evacuation drill. Officials are stunned by the potential consequences of Putin’s decision. According to some analysts, Ukraine has not yet laid down arms after 25 days of fighting, which has enraged Putin, who has taken it as a challenge. Putin believes he is being challenged by a small country. According to the claims, Putin himself has informed senior Kremlin political figures that he will participate in evacuation drills in preparation for nuclear war.

Putin’s family has been relocated to Siberia for safety reasons.

Putin’s family members are unknown, but reports have surfaced since the start of the Russo-Ukraine War that he has taken unidentified members of his immediate family to a high-tech underground in Siberia’s Teh Altai Mountains. Transferred to the bunker, which is a subterranean metropolis.

Putin’s Perilous Scheme

Putin has a dangerous plan in the works, and it isn’t a secret. Putin and his close allies have nuclear-capable doomsday planes that will be used in nuclear conflict. For Doomsday, a sky bunker was also planned, but it is not believed to be ready yet.

Putin is trapped in his own closed world, according to intelligence agencies.

Some Western intelligence agencies are attempting to decipher Putin’s mind through his recent public appearances, concluding that he is “stuck in a closed world of his own,” where he is the sole decision maker and completely different from the point of view of others.

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