Russia’s claim: US sending money to Ukraine for ‘biological’ weapons

Amidst the military turmoil, Russia has stated that the US is supporting Ukraine for biological weapons. Russia asserted that during its military operation in Ukraine, there was substantial evidence of the production of biological weapons and America was behind it. At the same time, the United Nations Security Council also called a meeting on Friday examining this claim. America also retaliated at this conference. America asserted that Russia is promoting false rumours in front of the world. It is President Putin who has been carrying out such criminal work.

What was the assertion of Russian soldiers

Russia’s foreign ministry stated on Sunday that the US was carrying out a secret military-biological programme inside Ukraine with the full support of the Ukrainian government. The Russian government announced in a tweet that its troops had discovered proof of a military-biological programme.

China wants investigation

Russia’s ally China expressed concern, taking the claims seriously. China’s UN ambassador Zhang Jun remarked on Russia’s charges that it is a serious issue and it should be probed at all levels.

Radio Free Europe

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