Russia’s trip to Kyiv: Putin in the mood for a one-on-one war

Following the failure of talks with Ukraine, Russia is likely to launch a major attack on Kyiv. A large Russian army convoy is en route to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

Satellite images provided by the American company Maxar Technology revealed this. According to reports, the convoy is 64 kilometres long. Several Russian attacks have already been thwarted by Kyiv. As a result, it appears that Russia has begun to make serious preparations for its occupation. This convoy is heading north of Kyiv.

The Russian army convoy has been abandoned near Antonov Airport, just a few kilometres from Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Because it is moving at a constant speed, it is expected to arrive in Kyiv soon. Soldiers are carried in some military vehicles, while arms and ammunition are carried in others. Several houses and buildings were seen on satellite images burning to the north and northwest of Ivankiv. This convoy is travelling through these areas’ roads.

Army trucks, armoured vehicles, tanks, and soldiers make up the convoy. The Russian army had also asked civilians to leave Kyiv a day before. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has lasted six days. According to Reuters, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claims Russia has fired 56 rockets and 113 cruise missiles into Ukraine. A no-fly zone for Russian missiles, planes, and helicopters is now being considered.

On Monday, Russia and Ukraine held direct talks for the first time, but the talks were inconclusive. While Russia is adamant about handing over arms to Ukraine, Ukraine is insistent on Russian troops leaving. Concerns have also been raised by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s directive to keep nuclear weapons on standby.

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