Smartphone Hidden Features: Using which your work will be easy

Smartphone Hidden Features: Using which your work will be easy

Smartphone Hidden Features: Our way of life has changed dramatically since the introduction of smartphones. Almost everyone has a cell phone nowadays. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in its use. Whether it’s to go see a movie or send money to a friend’s account. Almost all of today’s work can be completed quickly and easily using a mobile phone. New versions of mobile phones, on the other hand, are released on a daily basis in the market, with new features added by the mobile companies. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss some of the hidden features of mobile phones that you may not be aware of. Smartphones have a lot of hidden features that are very useful. This will make things a lot easier for you. You can protect your privacy and a variety of other things by using them. Please tell us everything there is to know about them

important data should be hidden

Almost all smartphones nowadays have the ability to hide photos, videos, and other important files. This feature, however, is still hidden in the mobile. The method of activation varies depending on the company’s phone. You can use this feature to hide your videos, photos, and other important files on your phone. This will ensure that he maintains his privacy.

This Google feature is now available on all Android phones. You must press and hold the power button on your phone for 0.5 seconds to access this hidden feature. The Google Assistant will then be turned on. You can now give him any instructions and he will complete the work related to mobile phones.


The majority of you are probably aware of this hidden feature of mobile phones. You can use this feature to take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the power and volume down buttons. Aside from that, screenshots can be taken by sliding three fingers across the screen.