Students stranded in Ukraine: Poland will give entry to Indian students without visa

Thousands of Indian students are stranded in Ukraine’s various cities, unable to return home due to Russian bombings. The Ukrainian government has decided to run free trains to transport those trapped in Kiev to more secure locations. These trains will transport passengers to the country’s western regions, where there is no war. Seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis in Kiev.

Indians will be allowed to enter Poland without a visa, according to the Polish government. Students seeking refuge in a school near the Indian Embassy in Kiev are passing out from hunger. Thirteen students’ health has deteriorated. Students’ claim – Students did not receive assistance in the attacked cities, and those who were rescued were taken to safe locations.

According to the Foreign Secretary, a team from Moscow has been dispatched to assist Indians.

Around 1000 of our citizens have been evacuated from Ukraine via Romania and Hungary, according to Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla. A team from the Indian Embassy in Moscow has been dispatched to the areas of Ukraine bordering Russia to map the area and arrange transportation, food, and lodging.

This is now a battleground. We will conduct an operation to evacuate Indians from this area as soon as we receive information that allows us to do so.

Indians should travel to the western areas as soon as the curfew is lifted, according to the Embassy’s advice.

As soon as the curfew in Kiev is lifted, Indians should go to the nearest railway station in Kiev and travel to the western part of Ukraine, according to the Andean Embassy. Rail travel is secure, and trains are running. Every Indian goes out in a group. If someone goes out on their own, they should look for the Indian and join him.

Students attempting to cross the border were even shot at by the Ukrainian Army. A young man from Bihar has set out on foot for Poland. The city of Sumi in Ukraine is completely occupied by the Russian army. In the bunkers here, a thousand Indian students are trapped.

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