Supreme Court will not interfere in hijab dispute

The Supreme Court has declined to intervene in the hijab debate in Karnataka. The Supreme Court has heard an appeal against the Karnataka High Court’s decision on Friday, which barred religious clothing from being worn in schools and colleges. According to the appeal, this has harmed the rights of Muslim female students. On this appeal, the Supreme Court declined to hear it. The court stated that it will investigate the matter when the time is right.

The Karnataka High Court had prohibited religious dress until the verdict was issued.

Masjid Madaris and the Dr J Halli Federation of Waqf Institutions filed an appeal against the Karnataka High Court’s interim order. The High Court on Thursday issued an injunction prohibiting religious clothing from being worn in schools and colleges until the case is resolved.

The court stated, “We will render the verdict as soon as possible, but peace must be maintained.” The case will be heard again in court on Monday. During the case’s hearing, the High Court stated, “We will see whether or not wearing hijab is a fundamental right.”

Even before that, the case had made its way to the Supreme Court. While transferring the case from the Karnataka High Court to the Supreme Court, Congress leader and lawyer Kapil Sibal demanded a hearing from the Constitution Bench of nine judges. The Chief Justice then stated that the decision of the hearing to be held in the Karnataka High Court should be announced today. After that, we’ll investigate the situation.

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