Survey revealed: 68% selfies, 64% people using phones to watch time

Users are increasingly using mobile smart phones for purposes other than calling. According to a recent survey, six out of ten people cannot go a day without using their cellphone. Sixty-eight percent of people use their phones to take selfies, and sixty-four percent use them to check the time. Three out of every ten people never leave home without their phones.

12 percent of people are concerned about battery discharge.

Almost half of those polled expressed concern about mobile phone battery discharge. More than half of the users charge their phones twice daily. About 12% of those surveyed are concerned about their phone’s battery dying. They are constantly checking the battery of their phone. The loss of a mobile phone is more concerning to 48% of people than losing a bank card, car key, or even a wedding ring.

People look at their phone notifications 50 times on average.

A person spends two hours per day staring at his or her smartphone screen. Apart from calls, he checks his phone for notifications about 50 times. According to Patri Herren of HMD Global, the survey firm, there has been a significant increase in the attachment of smart phone users to their handsets over the last decade. This phone usage trend indicates that mobile usage will continue to rise in the future.

Mobile is used by 27% of people to find their location on a map.

According to research, about 16% of people also use their phones as a mirror. It is done by 62% of people to get the weather forecast and 27% to get the map location. Sending e-mails, reading news, banking, shopping, train-air booking, gaming, creating recipes, setting alarms, and checking appointments are just a few of the other things you can do with your phone.

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