The death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is still a mystery

The death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose remains a mystery, despite the fact that three committees have investigated it. The 125th birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is today. People in India will now be able to see him at India Gate as well. Today, Prime Minister Modi will unveil a Netaji hologram statue. Subhas Chandra Bose was a man of courage, leadership, and oratory ability. He was a part of the Indian independence movement and inspired many others to join the Indian National Army and fight for India’s independence. In light of this, the government decided to commemorate his birth anniversary as Parakram Diwas last year.

Even though Netaji died 76 years ago, his death remains a mystery to this day. To find out the truth about his death, three committees were formed. He died in a plane crash, according to two witnesses. In the third report, it was stated that if no such plane crash occurred, how can the death of the accident be considered correct? For years after his death, people claimed to have seen Netaji in various parts of the country.

It’s dated August 18, 1945. Japan had been defeated in the Second World War. Netaji was a target for the British. Seeing this, he made the decision to seek assistance from Russia. He flew towards Manchuria on August 18, 1945. He was never seen after that.

The plane Netaji was traveling in crashed near Taihoku Airport five days later, according to Tokyo Radio. In this accident, Netaji was severely burned. At Taihoku Military Hospital, he passed away. The rest of his companions were assassinated as well. His ashes are still interred in Tokyo’s Rankoji Temple.

This incident was investigated three times by the government of independent India. Previously, the plane crash was cited as the cause of the accident both times. The third commission, named after Manoj Kumar Mukherjee, was established in 1999. The Taiwan government was quoted in this commission’s report as saying that there was no plane crash in 1945. This plane crash has gone unnoticed. The government, on the other hand, had rejected the report.

Netaji is said to be Gumnami Baba.

Even after Netaji’s death, people claimed to have seen him in various parts of the country. From Gumnami Baba in Faizabad to Chhattisgarh, people claimed to have seen him. The matter was taken to the state government in Chhattisgarh, but the government refused to intervene.

Following the death of Gumnami Baba, who is claimed to be Netaji, photographs of Netaji’s family, articles about Netaji published in newspapers and magazines, and letters from a number of influential people were gathered in order to investigate Netaji’s alleged death case. The Shahnawaz Commission and the Khosla Commission reports, which were set up for this purpose, were discovered.

The following are significant events that occurred on January 23 in India and around the world:

Smoking scenes in movies and television shows were outlawed in 2009.

Daniel Pearl, an American journalist, was kidnapped and murdered in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2002.

Madeline Albright is appointed Secretary of State in President Bill Clinton’s administration in 1997. She was the first female Secretary of State in the United States.

1977: Several political parties banded together to form the Janata Party in opposition to Indira Gandhi’s leadership.

An earthquake struck Tajikistan in 1989, killing hundreds of people.

After excavation, the missing city of Gautam Buddha, Kapil Vastu, was discovered in 1976.

The Vietnam Peace Accord is signed by US President Richard Nixon in 1973. This was the United States’ longest war. The cease-fire took effect on January 27.

Bal Thackeray, the Shiv Sena’s founder, was born in the year 1926.

Air transport and air mail service are first introduced in 1920.

Shahuji, Shivaji’s father, died in 1664.

The Pentateuch, the Jewish holy books, is printed for the first time in 1474. The five books of Moses were these.

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