The draw for the FIFA World Cup continues


For the first time in World Cup history, a draw has been declared for the tournament in Qatar. From November 21 to December 18, the World Cup will be held. The World Cup is being held in a Gulf country for the first time. The World Cup is being held this year with 32 teams. So far, 29 nations have confirmed their participation. At the same time, three teams have yet to be decided. The World Cup draw has been released by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).

The World Cup will be held without Italy and Russia.

Eight groups are formed from the 32 teams. Russia has been barred from participating due to its aggression against Ukraine, so it will be unable to do so this time. At the same time, Italy, the four-time World Cup champion, has been eliminated. North Macedonia eliminated him from the European qualifying competition.

In the same group as Spain and Germany.

Spain, the 2010 World Cup champion, is in the same group as Germany, the 2014 World Cup champion. Both teams are in the same group, Group E. In this group, Japan is also one of the best teams in Asia. Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and the Netherlands are in Group A with the hosts. For the first time, Qatar is competing in the World Cup. He was given this opportunity because he is a member of the host team.

The United Kingdom and the United States of America are in the same group.

Along with England, America and Iran are in Group B. The Euro play-offs will be used to determine the fourth team in the group. This group is open to any team from Wales, Scotland, or Ukraine.

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