The Kashmir Files: It took Vivek Agnihotri four years to make the film

The film ‘The Kashmir Files,’ directed by Vivek Agnihotri, is receiving rave reviews. His efforts are being lauded by the public. Because making a serious film like ‘The Kashmir Files’ is difficult. Three days have passed since the film’s release, and all of its screenings are still sold out. On Sunday, Vivek Agnihotri and his wife, actress Pallavi Joshi, arrived at PVR Cinema in Gurugram’s Star Mall. The fans surrounded him as soon as he arrived. He spent some time inside the hall talking to the people before exiting. Surendra Kol of the Kashmiri Pandit community had met Vivek in Houston, USA, according to Vivek.

The movie could be finished in four years

He had inquired as to whether the pain of his community would ever be communicated to the people in an open and honest manner. He then decided to make a movie. After consulting with her wife Pallavi, she concluded that if the country’s soldiers can protect us all with bravery, why can’t we serve the country with our art? It was with this zeal that film production began. The film is the culmination of nearly four years of toil. For two years, shooting could not take place in the middle of the Corona period.

Kashmir is rife with unrest.

Dal Lake was completely frozen when he arrived in Kashmir to shoot. It was a close call. Following this, there was a problem with public protests and the film’s performance, but once the audience felt the love, the fatigue dissipated. Vivek urged Kashmiri Pandits to use the hashtag #truestoryofdisplacement with the film to make their storey visible to the rest of the world and make it easier for them to return home.

Following the screening of the film, women began to cry.

Vivek stated that he was scheduled to meet with Karnataka’s Chief Minister on Sunday evening; however, when he learned of Kashmiri Pandits arriving at the cinema hall, he flew straight from Mumbai to Delhi and arrived in front of the audience. Only worked hard for the sake of the audience. I’m not sure how I’m going to leave them. Pallavi also addressed the ladies. Allow their suffering to fade away. After meeting him, some women began to cry. Vivek and Pallavi were photographed and videoed by children and teenagers. The lobby outside the hall was packed with spectators during this time.

On the final day of shooting, a fatwa was issued.

Pallavi Joshi, the film’s producer and actress, revealed that she and her husband Vivek Agnihotri were subjected to a fatwa during the film’s production. On the final day of shooting in Kashmir, this fatwa was issued. Simultaneously, Vivek Agnihotri stated that he had received numerous threats as a result of his work on ‘The Kashmir Files.’

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