These are the 10 coldest places in the world

These are the 10 coldest places in the world

In India, the months of December and January are bitterly cold. People start shivering when the temperature drops below 3-4 degrees Celsius. While there are many places on the planet where it is many times colder, this is one of them. The lake’s water is also frozen, and only glaciers can be seen far and wide. Today, we’ll tell you about ten such places.

These are the world’s ten coldest locations.

Alaska’s Prospect Greek (USA)

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System was built in the late 1970s as a workers’ settlement. This village is now deserted. The lowest temperature ever recorded here was -61 degrees Celsius in 1971. This settlement is still known as America’s coldest.

Yukon Province, Snag (Canada)

Only ten people lived in the small village of Snag in the Yukon province of North-West Canada in 1947. During World War II, the village served as an emergency landing strip, which was later converted into a weather station. The temperature has been recorded at -62 degrees Celsius in this location.

Siberia’s Yakutsk (Russia)

Yakutsk is one of the world’s coldest cities. This location, however, does experience heat for a brief period of time. In 2011, the temperature in this city reached 38.4 degrees Celsius. However, this location is known for its bitter cold. The temperature has dropped to -64.4 degrees Celsius. During the winter, the Lena river, which runs through the city, freezes to the point where it can be used as a road.

ice from the north (Greenland)

This research station, built during the British North Greenland expedition in the 1950s, holds the North American record for the coldest temperature. The lowest temperature ever recorded here was -61.1 degrees Celsius in 1954.

Omyakon is a Siberian town (Russia)

Oymyakon is the name of one of the places on Earth where it is always cold. In 1933, the temperature was -67.7 degrees Celsius. Children’s schools in this town of 500 people also close only when the temperature drops below -55 degrees Celsius. In the winter, this could be the lowest temperature.

Station Clink (Greenland)

The Clink Weather Station in the Arctic Circle holds the record for being the coldest place in the world. With a temperature of -69.6 degrees Celsius, this location in central Greenland broke the record set by Oymyakon in December 1991. Despite the low temperatures, the ice melts quickly in most parts of Greenland.

Denali is a mountain in Alaska (USA)

Mount Denali, at about 6000 meters above sea level, is North America’s highest peak. This location’s average temperature is minus ten degrees Celsius. Only about half of those who attempt to climb it make it to the top. This location has experienced temperatures as low as -73 degrees Celsius.

Station Amundsen Scott (Antarctica)

In 1956, the Amundsen Scott station at the South Pole was established. In the summer, it lasts six months, and in the winter, it lasts six months. In this part of the East Antarctic Plateau, the highest temperature was recorded on Christmas Day in 2011. The lowest temperature ever recorded here was -82 degrees in June 1982.

Station Vostok (Antarctica)

In the year 1957, the Soviet Union established the Vostok Research Station. This location’s temperature reached -82.2 °C in July 1983. It’s also the driest spot on the planet. In a year, about 20 mm of rain falls here, which is equivalent to a foot of snow.

Plateau of Eastern Antarctica (Antarctica)

The Eastern Antarctica Plateau holds the title of being the world’s coldest location. Dome Argus and Dome Fuji were used to collect satellite data between 2004 and 2016. This entire area is the same size as Australia. According to this data, the temperature here can reach -94 degrees Celsius. This is the coldest spot on the planet. The temperature, however, may be cooler due to the dry air around here, according to researchers.