This is Google’s strategy for assisting Android phone users who don’t speak English

At present, Android users can set their preferred language preference making use of the settings in the system. For apps that allow multiple languages, Android allows you to select the preferred language in a separate selection.Mountain View, California-based giant Google is currently working on the development of a feature that automatically converts content across all applications. The feature is believed to be coming with the new release of Android, Android 13, an article published in Android Police said. 

If an Android user chooses English as their primary language it will be possible to make use of Spanish to access their social media apps , without altering the settings of the system or settings of other apps.

The feature is believed to be dubbed the “Panlingual feature’ and is currently in the early stages of development. The report states that the feature will be included within the “App Information” menu in the new “App for Languages” option, which is typically found on the “Languages and input” page of Settings.

Google will let users alter the app’s language preferences in one location, and it is planned to be included as an additional setting. This will reduce users from needing to change their language for each app.

Presently, Android users can set their preferences for their languages making use of in the settings of their system. For apps that support multiple language options, Android lets you select the preferred language in a separate manner. This feature is believed to make the process simpler and more user-friendly.

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