Tik Tok overtakes Google and becomes the world’s most popular domain


TikTok’s meteoric rise can be widely documented However, milestones such as this could still be a challenge for people who aren’t Generation Z. According to cloud-services provider Cloudflare the social media platform’s website has surpassed Google.com in the race to become the most visited web domain worldwide.

In the year before, TikTok ranked seventh on Cloudflare’s website traffic ranking, falling behind Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Amazon, Facebook, Apple.

Cloudflare declares that the ranking is calculated based on aggregated information it has on internet traffic patterns. The data contains statistics regarding the domain’s popularity as well as the percentage changes in traffic to the site as well as the variation in rank over the chosen period of time (in this case, a month).

However, TikTok is an undisputed influence in every way A study suggests that 170 million TikTok videos are streamed every hour of the day. Their number is far greater than that of other websites’ activities: Google, which handles approximately 90 percent of all web searches is the one that conducts 5.7 million searches every minute.

YouTube as well as Netflix users stream less than one million hours worth of video each 60 seconds when combined. However, TikTok boasts that it has 1 billion users who are active, and nearly half of them are between 16-24.

The numbers don’t accurately reflect the full extent of its popularity because it’s simple to integrate TikTok videos on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube which could increase the number of visitors to their websites rather than TikTok’s.

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