Ukraine is surrounded on three sides by more than one lakh Russian forces

More than a lakh Russian troops surround Ukraine on three sides. The deadlock between Russia and the United States continued on Tuesday, the second day of talks in Geneva, amid fears of a Russian siege and an attack on Ukraine. To US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Rybakov imposed a one-point condition. Russia claims that the United States should not admit Ukraine to NATO’s military alliance.

Russian sources claim that they want a clear solution with the US. In reality, Russia wants NATO forces to stay away from its borders. The United States has made no commitments regarding Ukraine’s membership in NATO. Russian forces surround Ukraine in the east, with Soloty and Boguchar, and in the north, with Pochep. According to military experts, Russia is constantly increasing its military mobilisation along Ukraine’s border. There are also more troops on the way.

India has the opportunity to act as a mediator between Western countries and Russia.

Professor Charles Kaption teaches at the Walsh School of Foreign Service and the Department of Government in the United States. In this standoff, he believes India has a chance to mediate between Western countries and Russia. If the United States imposes sanctions, Russia may lean toward China. Prof.

Only China will benefit if sanctions are imposed on Russia.

India is having difficulty obtaining military components.

Due to Russian sanctions, India may have difficulty obtaining other military components, including Sukhoi aircraft. In terms of relations with Russia, India has the potential to help break the impasse.

The United States will not join the war just yet.

In the event of a war, if America imposes economic sanctions on Russia, China will benefit. This would be unwelcome in America. The United States does not want to be directly involved in the conflict.

Putin’s support in Ukraine has dwindled.

Eastern Ukraine was once a pro-Russian stronghold. Since Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014, the situation has shifted. Ukraine’s citizens have elected anti-Russian governments.

Russian gas is Europe’s weak pulse.

Russia may halt gas supplies to Europe as a countermeasure if sanctions are imposed. This will have an impact on America’s European allies. Russia provides 40 percent of Europe’s gas.

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