Ukraine-Russia crisis: Biden talks to Putin for 62 minutes

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia shows no signs of abating. To try to resolve the conflict, US Vice President Joe Biden spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone, but the conversation was inconclusive. During the meeting, Biden urged Putin to postpone the war and warned that if one were to occur, Russia would receive a befitting response. At the same time, Russia referred to America as insane.

The US sent orders to evacuate its embassy in Ukraine shortly after the talks. According to security officials, no talks between the two top leaders about the situation’s stability have taken place.

What is the status of Putin and Biden’s relationship?

According to reports, Biden told Putin during the 62-minute conversation that if Russia attacked Ukraine, the US and its allies would respond appropriately. Biden went on to say that the attack would be devastating to humanity and that Russia should not consider war. At the same time, the United States has assured Russia that it is prepared to engage in diplomatic discussions on Ukraine.

The US government is dissatisfied with Russia’s responses.

A US Defense Ministry official told reporters after Biden and Putin’s talks that there was no concrete assurance on whether Russia would attack or not. At the same time, the US Defense Ministry has ordered the recall of 160 of its trainee military officers from Ukraine, as well as 80 military officers currently stationed there.

According to Russia, America’s craze has reached its pinnacle.

Following this phone call, Yuri Yushakov, the Russian Parliament’s Top Foreign Policy Advisor, stated that America’s craze has reached its pinnacle. He also claimed that the United States has revealed the date of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. We’re baffled as to why the media was given inaccurate information about us.

According to Yushakov, the US-Russia phone call was originally scheduled for Monday, but the US requested that it be held on Saturday instead. He went on to describe the phone calls between the two countries as balanced and businesslike after that. He also stated that the two presidents have agreed to continue their discussions on all levels.

In the Black Sea, Russia also conducted manoeuvres.

Russia has begun manoeuvres in the Black Sea after encircling Ukraine’s border. In the Black Sea, Russia has landed 30 navy ships. Russia has encircled Ukraine on three sides and stationed troops along the border. On the Ukrainian border, Russia has also erected over 550 army tents.

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