Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘The Kashmir Files’

The film ‘The Kashmir Files’ in which India is the storey of the world’s largest exodus as a result of the country’s horrific massacres. The Kashmiri Pandit community is likely the only one in the country who was evicted from their homes after independence, and there has been no movement in any part of this country with a population of crores. This hallmark of the country’s condition can make anyone shudder, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, where big leaders have been filling the power of the country being united time and time again. Beginning 32 years ago, the film’s storey begins with a pivotal moment that speaks volumes under the guise of cricket. What happened in the Valley was a traumatic experience. Seeing him on screen makes it even worse. This is a terrifying face that needs to be shown to the entire world. In telling the storey, there was also the risk of it becoming a documentary, but one must play with the risks in order to bring the truth to light.

This film aspires to be like ‘Schindler’s List’ in terms of cinema. The massacre here may not be on that scale, but it has the same horrific and gruesome feel to it. ‘The Kashmir Files’ is entirely the work of Vivek Agnihotri. The film’s research is so strong that once it begins, the audience will be unable to stop watching until the end. He just stands silently and silently at the end of the credits, oblivious to the fact that the entire hall is standing and applauding the work of a director. It’s possible that the complaint is that the film didn’t have enough canvas for its subject and that it could have been technically better. However, given the circumstances and budget with which this film appears to have been made, no such expectations should be placed on it.

The harsh reality of cinema nowadays is that a Telugu film’s Hindi remake is seen on more screens than a Hindi film. There was no mention of the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ anywhere. There is no big celebrity support for trending before the release of any hashtag. This film is self-promotional. Vivek Agnihotri has sown emotion and reaped the feeling in this film as a director. He passed a high-end exam like Chinar with flying colours simply because the actors and technicians who worked side by side with him on the film did an outstanding job.

The film ‘The Kashmir Files’ is also worth seeing because of its outstanding cast. Anupam Kher appears in full colour for the first time in a long time. He erupts like a river of pain whenever he appears on screen, carrying the audience away with him. His performance in the film is so good that the National Film Award for the following year will almost certainly be named after him. Darshan Kumar has done an excellent job of bridging the gap between the past and the present. It’s worth watching his campus speeches and facial expressions during this time. Another strong link in the film is Chinmoy Mandlekar’s performance. Technically, the film isn’t particularly impressive, but Uday Singh Mohile has used his camera to allow the film’s pain to slowly leak out. The length of the film is its weakest link.

Its impact can be amplified by shortening the film’s duration. The music in the film is inspired by Kashmiri folk music, and Vivek has worked hard to explain it to the Hindi-speaking audience. The film’s music, on the other hand, is disappointing for a mainstream film. Despite this, the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ proves to be a strong plot-driven film of the year.

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