What is Pegasus spyware, how does it work? understand in simple words

What is Pegasus, and how does it work? Pegasus spyware is causing a lot of debate in the country once again. Many revelations about Pegasus spyware have recently surfaced, prompting opposition parties to continue to target the government. According to media reports, the Indian government struck a defence deal with Israel five years ago worth two billion dollars (roughly 15 thousand crore rupees). Pegasus spyware was also purchased at the same time. India also purchased a missile system and some weapons as part of this defence deal. In India, there is talk of spying on many opposition leaders, journalists, and activists using this spyware. In such a situation, the Pegasus spyware has caused quite a stir in the country. This spyware is extremely harmful. Even secure apps like WhatsApp can be hacked using this method. Pegasus is, in fact, spy software. Please explain how this works.

Pegasus is a type of spyware.

Actually, the NSO Group, an Israeli company, created this software. It can be installed without the target’s knowledge on their phone, laptop, or computer. After being installed, this spyware begins to keep a close eye on that individual.

This software steals all of the device’s personal information and sends it to third parties. The purpose of this spyware was to keep an eye on terrorists and criminals.

What is the mechanism of this spyware?

Pegasus spyware, according to experts, can be easily installed on a phone via a missed WhatsApp call. On the other hand, it is installed via iMessage on the iPhone. Not only that, but this spyware is so dangerous that it is installed without the user’s knowledge. That is, it is downloaded to the device without the user having to click on any links. Even if the message is deleted, it cannot be avoided.

This spyware sends all of the information on your phone to a third party. Not only that, but it can also turn on your device’s microphone and camera automatically.

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