WhatsApp banned 17.59 lakh Indian accounts in November

If you use WhatsApp, pay attention to the following information. In November 2021, the social media platform WhatsApp closed more than 17.5 lakh Indian accounts. This month, the company received 602 complaints. The social media company continues to do so while keeping security and other criteria in mind.

the report’s information
According to WhatsApp’s most recent compliance report, 17,59,000 Indian WhatsApp accounts were closed during this time. The +91 phone number is used to identify Indian accounts, according to the report.

A new IT rule makes it necessary to submit a report.
“As per the IT Rules 2021, we have published our 6th Monthly Report for the month of November,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said. This user-safety report includes details on user complaints and related WhatsApp actions, as well as WhatsApp’s own actions.” In November, WhatsApp banned over 17.5 lakh accounts, according to a spokesperson.

why is there a ban?
More than 95 percent of the restrictions, according to the Facebook-owned company, are due to unauthorized use of automated or bulk messaging (spam).

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