WhatsApp feature update: Testing of message reaction feature begins

WhatsApp will be getting a new feature, which is currently being tested with beta users. A new message reaction feature has been demonstrated in the desktop beta version, indicating that it will be available to all users soon. Users will be able to respond to messages with a variety of emoji thanks to the message reaction feature. Aside from that, the app is currently testing new privacy options with a small group of users.

In the blog, there are screenshots.

For a long time, hints about the WhatsApp Message Reactions feature have been received, and it is now in the development phase. A screenshot of the new feature has been shared by WABetaInfo, a platform that tracks app updates and features. Because the feature is still in development, it is not available to beta testers at this time.

Information on this was received for the first time in August 2021. It will be available on Android and iOS platforms in the near future.

A new emoji icon appears next to the message.

Users will be shown a new icon near the message for the message reaction feature, according to screenshots shared on the blog. According to WABetaInfo, clicking on the emoji icon next to the message will display six different types of emoji from which to react. Thumbs up, red heart, face with tears of joy, shocked face, crying face, and folded hands are among the emoji available.

WhatsApp is developing new privacy features.

In December, it was revealed that WhatsApp is working on an update to the caption bar that will allow users to change the privacy of a photo or video before sending it or posting it to their status. New privacy shortcuts are also mentioned in the report, allowing users to choose which contacts can see their status. Its screenshot has also surfaced, and the WhatsApp beta version has undergone some changes.

The option to ‘only share with’ will be available.

Users can choose an audience before posting a photo by tapping the status button in WhatsApp chat and selecting a photo. Before putting it in the image status, users will be able to choose which contacts will be able to see it and which will not. At the same time, three options for status privacy will be available: ‘My Contacts,’ ‘My Contacts Accept,’ and ‘Only Share With.’ It will be easier to change the privacy settings for each status this way.

Changes to the voice calling interface

The messaging app is rolling out a new interface for voice calling. WhatsApp beta users on iOS will notice this change to the voice calling interface. Let us tell you that in December of last year, Android beta testers saw a similar interface. With the most recent WhatsApp update, iPhone users have begun to receive support for the global audio player.

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