WhatsApp launches browser extension

WhatsApp launches browser extension

To make chatting more secure, WhatsApp has released a web browser extension. Code Verify is the name given to this WhatsApp extension. You can use this extension to see if you’re using the correct link for WhatsApp Web. This extension will automatically check WhatsApp’s authenticity. This extension was created in collaboration with Cloudflare.

The Code Verify extension will be available for download and use in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. This extension checks whether the resource is correct every time a user uses WhatsApp on the web version. This extension will notify users if there is a security threat.

‘We have provided Cloudflare with a cryptographic hash source of accuracy for the JavaScript code of WhatsApp Web,’ WhatsApp said about the extension. When someone uses Code Verify, the extension compares the code running on WhatsApp Web to the version of the code verified by WhatsApp and published on Cloudflare, ensuring that the code is genuine.’

Network Times Out, Possible Risk Detected, and Validation are displayed when the extension is unable to verify your authenticity. The extension verifies the code and informs the user whether or not the web client they are using is authenticated.


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