WhatsApp: Soon users will be able to make calling with the help of the link

WhatsApp will soon release a new feature to improve its users’ experience. Users can be added to group calling via a link, which the company is currently testing. That is, WhatsApp will give the host the option of creating a call link and inviting other users to join the call. Currently, WhatsApp allows you to add another contact after the call has begun.

This is how WhatsApp’s call link feature will work.

WhatsApp will soon make it easier for users to join calls using the call link, according to Wabetainfo. By creating links within their contact list, the host will be able to share them with other users. Users who have not been added to your contact list can shake the link. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is required for all users. This feature will be available to beta users first. It will be rolled out to all users later.

On Messenger Rooms, this feature is available.

On Messenger Rooms, this feature is already available. The only difference is that anyone, including non-Facebook users, can join Messenger Rooms. WhatsApp calls, on the other hand, can only be made by people who have a WhatsApp account or use the app. This feature is currently being worked on.

WhatsApp is getting some new features.

WhatsApp is developing a slew of new features. On the shortcut, a new search message was seen working. On the desktop beta of the app, the message reaction feature has been spotted once more. Users of the app will soon be able to respond to messages with emoji. Users will be given six emoji options at the bottom of a message with this feature.

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