WhatsApp upcoming features: New phone interface, quick responses

WhatsApp coming features: New phone interface, quick responses and much more Take a look at five exciting features being added to WhatsApp Messenger in the near future for both Android as well as iOS phones.

WhatsApp is adding a variety of new features to keep it competitive against other instant messaging services and apps. Due to leaks, we’ve an insight into some new features WhatsApp will bring to its app in the future.

Here are five of these features , which include a new phone interface, end-to end encryption indicators and quick replies shortcuts and more.

1.) New interface for calling

WhatsApp Calls are among the most requested features of the app that allows users to make phone calls right via the app’s wifi or cellular network. The new interface appears more modern and compact, and is more appealing in group calls. The buttons at the bottom are the same , however.

The update will be available to Android as well as iOS users in a forthcoming beta update. The image above leaked taken from WhatsApp on iOS We expect iOS devices to receive the update first.

2.) The indicators of end-toend encryption

WhatsApp has added new indicators to its chats and calls that will allow users to let them be aware that the communication on the app is secure from beginning to end.

The indicators are evident in the leaked iOS image, as shown below. However, the new feature will also be available on Android devices in the near future. The update will initially be available to beta users on Android as well as iOS before rolling out to users who are stable.

3) Quick Replies

WhatsApp has added a fast reply shortcut to WhatsApp Business. It is expected that the WhatsApp Business app will soon include an additional option to allow users to choose one of several pre-set quick replies that they can send to their customers.

To enable quick replies, WhatsApp Business users will be able type “/” in the chat, and then select the desired message. The feature will be available to beta users of the two platforms, iOS and Android as well, and may eventually become stable versions.

4.) Increased control of group administrators

WhatsApp will soon provide additional capabilities for group administrators which will allow them to remove messages that are sent to others in the group. Administrators will be able to take control of and control any inappropriate behavior in the group. It will also reduce confusion. The messages deleted by admins of the group will be accompanied by a notice after they have been deleted. (Image Source: WABetaInfo)

Messages that are deleted by administrators will have a distinct deleted message notification, in contrast to the standard notice. The feature is scheduled to be available to Android as well as iOS users.

5) Communities

WhatsApp has also added the ability to build new Communities. Communities are expected to grant administrators the possibility of inviting new users through an Invite to Community Link and then begin communicating with other users. Communities are expected to grant administrators the ability to invite new members through an Invite to Community Link. (Image Source: WABetaInfo)

Communities will also permit administrators the ability to establish groups inside groups. It is believed that a slight design change will permit users to differentiate Communities from normal group chats. This feature is also anticipated to be made available to Android or iOS users sooner or later.

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