Why did PM Modi have to cancel the rally in Punjab?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was scheduled to speak at a rally in Ferozepur, Punjab, today, but some protesters blocked the road, forcing him to wait for about 20 minutes. PM Modi’s convoy had to return after waiting for a while. Following the incident, many questions have arisen. The Union Home Ministry has described the incident as a major breach in PM Modi’s security.

The rally site had to be reached by helicopter, but…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was supposed to fly to the National Martyrs Memorial in Hussainiwala by helicopter, but due to rain and poor visibility, he decided to drive. PM Modi had previously waited for about 20 minutes in Bathinda for the weather to clear, but when it did not, the convoy proceeded. The entire incident was described in detail in a statement released by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

What is the location of the convoy’s snag?

PM Modi’s convoy left for the National Martyrs Memorial from Bathinda. However, when Prime Minister Modi’s convoy arrived at a flyover about 30 kilometres from his destination, the road was blocked by protesters. PM Modi was forced to spend 15-20 minutes stuck on the flyover as a result of this. The PM had to return from there after that. The Prime Minister’s security was compromised, according to the Home Ministry.

What did the BJP’s state president have to say about it?

PM Modi’s rally was approximately 17 kilometres from the martyr’s grave. PM Modi was scheduled to lay the foundation stone and inaugurate a number of projects during the rally. “The protest is over,” BJP state president Ashwini Kumar said. Because of the bad weather, the Prime Minister chose to travel by road rather than by helicopter.

What is contained in the Ministry of Home Affairs’ statement?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Bathinda this morning, from where he planned to fly to Hussainiwala to visit the National Martyrs Memorial. The prime minister waited for about 20 minutes for the weather to clear due to rain and poor visibility. When the weather did not improve, he decided to travel by road to the National Martyrs Memorial, which would take over two hours. After DGP Punjab Police confirmed the necessary security arrangements, he proceeded to travel by road.

Some protesters had blocked the road as Prime Minister Modi’s convoy approached a flyover about 30 kilometres from the National Martyrs Memorial in Hussainiwala. For 15-20 minutes, the Prime Minister was stuck on the flyover. This was a serious breach in the Prime Minister’s security.

The Prime Minister’s schedule and travel plans had already been communicated to the Punjab government. The necessary preparations should have been made to keep a contingency plan and security in place as per procedure. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has requested a detailed report from the state government in light of this serious security lapse. The state government has also been tasked with determining who is to blame for the lapse and taking appropriate action.

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