Why is Russia opposing the inclusion of Ukraine in NATO?

Russia has demanded that Ukraine be excluded from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (NATO). NATO is getting closer to Ukraine, according to Russia. On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed that NATO wants to include Ukraine in its alliance despite its opposition. NATO members, on the other hand, are on Ukraine’s side. There is a risk of further escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine in such a situation. In light of the possibility of a Russian invasion, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for more NATO troops to be deployed along Europe’s borders.

Questions have also been raised about whether NATO, which was formed in the aftermath of World War II as a mutual defence pact and has long represented Western interests and worked to counter Russia’s influence in Europe, is now expanding eastward. NATO’s founding articles state that any European country that meets the alliance’s membership criteria is welcome to join. This also applies to Ukraine.

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