Women IPL from next year: 5 to 6 teams can be included in the league


After a long wait and much speculation, the picture of the women’s IPL is finally becoming clear. Sourav Ganguly, President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has stated that the first season of the women’s IPL could take place in 2023. The league can have 5 to 6 teams in its first year.

All existing men’s IPL franchises will be given first priority in purchasing a team in the women’s IPL. According to BCCI sources, four men’s franchises have expressed interest in forming a women’s IPL team.

This year’s Women’s T20 Challenge

This year, however, the Women’s T20 Challenge will be held. In the middle of the men’s IPL, three women’s teams compete in this tournament. It was not possible to organise it last year (2021).

At the AGM, the league may receive approval.

After the IPL Governing Council meeting, Ganguly stated that the BCCI’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) would have to approve the women’s IPL. Then, and only then, will further action be taken.

There is already a women’s league in England and Australia.

In Australia and England, professional women’s cricket leagues have already been established. In Australia, the Women’s Big Bash League is being organised, while in England, The Hundred is being organised. Pakistan and Bangladesh are also discussing the possibility of forming a women’s league.

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