Women’s World Cup 2022: Teams of 8 countries will play 31 matches in the 10 crore prize tournament

The ICC Women’s World Cup kicks off in New Zealand on March 4th. New Zealand and the West Indies will face off in the first match. The Bangladesh team will play South Africa in the second match at the same time. On March 6, Team India will face Pakistan in its first match.

Come in and let us tell you everything there is to know about this mega-event, knowing that your enthusiasm for the World Cup will grow even more.

Who will host, and how many teams will compete?

The Women’s World Cup is being held in New Zealand. The competition will run until April 3rd. This event will feature teams from eight different countries. India, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, and South Africa are the teams in question. There will be 31 matches, including the final. On March 6, India will begin its campaign against Pakistan. In the World Cup, India will play seven matches. All India matches will be day-night, but because the match will be played in New Zealand, you will be able to watch it in India starting at 6.30 a.m.

When was the last time Team India won the World Cup?

The Indian women’s team has made it to the final of the Women’s World Cup twice, but has never won it. In 2005, Australia defeated India in the final, and in 2017, England defeated India in the final. The Women’s World Cup has so far been won by three teams. This tournament has been won by Australia the most times. England has won the World Cup four times. New Zealand has also won the World Cup on two occasions.

prize money is doubled

The winning team in the ICC Women’s One Day World Cup will receive nearly double the prize money as last year. The World Cup winning team will receive $1.32 million this time (about Rs 10 crore).

There are a total of 9 players available.

The ICC has made significant changes to the Women’s World Cup rules as a result of the Corona epidemic. According to the new rule, if a team has more cases of corona than 11 players, the team can still play with 9 players.

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