Wriddhiman will not reveal the name of the threatening journalist

Wriddhiman Saha, a cricketer, has refused to reveal the name of the journalist who has threatened him with giving interviews to the BCCI. The BCCI has yet to contact Saha, according to The Indian Express. If he asks who I’m talking about, I’ll say that I have no intention of ruining or humiliating anyone’s career. This is why I didn’t mention the journalist’s name in my tweet. This is something that neither of my parents have taught me. The main point of my tweet was to point out that this type of work is done by some people in the media.

If I had mentioned the name in the tweet, it would have been incorrect.

It would have been wrong if I had mentioned the name of the journalist who did this in the tweet, Saha added to The Indian Express. He is well aware of the situation. What was I thinking when I tweeted that? I just wanted to make sure that other players didn’t end up in the same situation as me. I just wanted to emphasise that what that journalist did was incorrect, and no one should repeat it.

With the BCCI President, nothing happened.

In addition, Saha stated that he has not spoken with Ganguly in the last few days. Former India spinner Pragyan Ojha, who is currently a member of the IPL Governing Council for the Indian Cricketers Association (ICA), disagrees. He has communicated with them. Ojha had called Saha, he said. He stated that if any action against that journalist is required, the BCCI will support you. Pragyan asked Saha if he was ready for it right now, and Saha replied that he wasn’t.

Boria Mazumdar, a journalist, has been charged.

Boria Majumdar, a senior sports journalist, is being mentioned in connection with the threat to Wriddhiman Saha. People on social media are identifying the journalist who made the threat to Majumdar. Boria Majumdar’s name has also surfaced in this case, according to a BCCI source who spoke to Dainik Bhaskar. Despite the fact that Saha has yet to file a written complaint, no action has been taken.

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