Xiaomi aims to become the world’s top smartphone maker by 2024

Xiaomi unveiled a slew of new devices on Tuesday, including the Xiaomi 12 smartphone line, MIUI 13, and the Xiaomi Watch S1. In addition, during a press conference held on the occasion, the company revealed its future plans. Xiaomi CEO and Founder Lee Jun stated that the company’s goal is to become the largest smartphone brand in the world by 2024.

Xiaomi surpassed Apple in global shipment volume earlier this year, according to a report published in Gizmochina. Xiaomi briefly became the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer, despite the fact that this growth was short-lived.

Prior to this announcement, Li Jun, CEO of China’s Xiaomi Group’s Senior Voice Precompany, stated in November that Xiaomi aims to dethrone global smartphone leaders and become the world’s No. 1 smartphone company. The goal is to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. Lu Weibning, Redmi’s CEO and general manager, made a similar announcement. On Weibo, he had discussed the company’s future plans. According to the company’s founder, Lei Jun, Xiaomi smartphones will no longer be sold worldwide by 2024. I’d like to get it down to one. To accomplish this, the company must first focus on growing sales in the Chinese market.

In China, offline stores account for 70% of smartphone sales. In the next three years, Xiaomi wants to increase the number of physical stores to 30,000. According to Lu Weibning, the company wants to be the global leader in smartphone sales, so it will not focus on any one brand (Apple). The business will create products that can compete with all of the major brands.

Xiaomi has held the position of third largest company in the world for a long time. In this regard, Samsung is currently far ahead of both Apple and Xiaomi. If Xiaomi wants to become the world’s most valuable company, it must first strengthen its position in Europe, where Samsung has recently shown signs of weakness. On the other hand, because Huawei’s chip has been banned in the United States, this company will try to take some of Huawei’s market share. It will now be determined whether Xiaomi can achieve this goal in three years or not in the coming years.

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