YouTube: A special ring will appear on the profile of the channel on which the content is going live

YouTube has launched a new live-streaming feature. Users will be able to quickly locate the live streaming channel with the help of this feature. YouTube, like Tik-Tok, has added a ‘Live’ indicator for this. That is, if a user does live streaming on YouTube, the word ‘Live’ will appear inside a ring in his channel’s profile icon.

Neil Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, announced the feature on social media. He penned, “On YouTube, we’ve made it easier for users to find live streaming. The Live Ring feature is now available on mobile! During @YouTubeCreators’ live streaming, a ring will appear around the channel. Select it by clicking on it. You will be able to watch the livestream by doing so.”

The feature will be available first to smartphone users.

The new feature’s functionality is available on mobile. That is, smartphone users will be able to see this new ‘live’ ring feature immediately or within the next few days. Users and subscribers will be able to see that the channel is currently active as a result of this. They’ll be able to easily join the live stream as well.

YouTube has also created a brand new video player.

YouTube has unveiled a new video player for both new and existing users. This will benefit users of both the app and the website. In this player, full-screen mode will be available. Like, Dislike, Open Comment, Add Video to Playlist, Share, and More Videos will all be accessible via a quick toggle button.

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