Youtube: Demonetized YouTube channel of Russian state media

Google has made it impossible for Russia’s state-run media outlet RT and other channels to make money on its platform. The company stated that it no longer receives money from advertisements on websites and apps’ videos. Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Facebook imposed a similar ban on Russian state media. On Facebook, Meta demonetized Russian government media. YouTube channels that were previously demonetized have also been demonetized.

Prior to Google, YouTube had barred several Russian channels from profiting from advertisements that accompanied their videos, including the Russian government’s news agency RT. Many YouTube channels are unable to be monetized, according to YouTube. Several Russian channels have been sanctioned by the EU recently.

Propaganda was also levelled against the Russian government.

YouTube has been asked for several years to take action against channels linked to the Russian government. They’ve been accused of spreading false information, and they shouldn’t profit from it. In the two years leading up to December 2018, Russia received between $7 million and $32 million in advertising revenue from 26 YouTube channels, according to estimates. On Wednesday, the European Union announced sanctions against a number of people, including Margarita Simonyan.

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