Zoom is rolling out new features in its latest update


Zoom is rolling out new features in its latest update. Users are now able to reserve a workspace in the office and share cloud recordings and send video mail.

Zoom Meetings
Hosts will have more control over meetings as they can now schedule Zoom meetings that have Focus Mode enabled from the beginning, ensuring less distractions for participants. A preferred view, referred to as Gallery View, can save to every meeting ID. The host can use presets instead of changing the camera’s position at every meeting, thus cutting down on time.

Zoom Chat
The video calls you missed will be centrally displayed within your chat, so you are able to quickly see your missed calls. By clicking on the notification, it will take you to the meeting or channel. In addition, the videos created by Zoom Chat are now saved locally to your mobile devices to make them easier accessibility, and GIFs are now displayed in your messaging box.

Zoom Rooms
Workspace Reservation will allow users to reserve workspaces via an interactive map that can be used on-site or remotely. It will also be made available with public beta later in the month.

The platform also has “local-only screen sharing” functionality that is available to Mac as well as Windows users. The feature was initially only accessible on Zoom Rooms Appliances. The host could share notes and screens with an inside-room (locally present) person, while hiding it from the other participants. With the new platforms, it will be possible to do this by using connecting to an HDMI connection.

Zoom to Home
Pay-per-use feature, Zoom for Home now has support for the iPad offering users the flexibility of a space-saving, flexible device that can be used for workstations from their remotes or at-site. Zoom for Home is also working together with Neat devices to develop the first portrait-oriented frame/tablet which is designed to take less space and also provides better audio.

In addition, owners of the Amazon Fire TV will be capable of downloading the app and make Zoom video calls in their home rooms however a webcam with 1080p resolution is required to make video calls.

On mobiles, users are now able to send video messages that will be delivered to the voicemail of the recipient. Other changes offer privacy features in Outlook as well as Google Integrations with Calendars in which scheduling and meeting information can be set as confidential by hosts.

They are also able to share or permit access to cloud recordings, thus decreasing friction between stakeholders.

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